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Jan 15, 2007

MacFUSE + More

With the recent release of MacFUSE you can now do cool stuff like mount remote file-systems via SSHFS on your Mac.

Looks like PayPal are offering two-factor authentication. We use something similar for VPN access and it works very well; I believe many banks are also moving to similar two-factor schemes to combat fraud and increase security for their clients.

Interesting - if Laws and Government worked like Computers. Points to an article entitled Lawyers Aren't Evil—Fairness and Morality Aren't Their Job.

New Scientist - New materials. Love this - Dilatants - fluids that get more solid when stressed or Auxetic materials - materials that get thicker when stretched.

Interesting - How to freeze a snowflake.

Number patterns - Why 6174 is a fascinating number.

Kiwi academics paper on Vista - Vista is the longest suicide note in history. Why all the DRM might not be a good thing. He also has a humorous aside about the inanity of import/export regulations - My life as a Kiwi arms courier.

Gadget humour - Idiottoys. The anti-Engadget :-)

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