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Jan 29, 2007

Remote Reboot

Found via the Nagios site:

* Servprise WebReboot - looks really useful if you can't get direct access to your gear and need to physically kick your systems.

In a similar vein:

* Dataprobe iBoot - web enabled power strips and sockets.

Along with a console server and/or an IP KVM to provide remote control (particularly out of band depending on the situation) being able to have some control over when systems go up or down is pretty vital if you don't have convenient access to your kit.

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Site Stats to Date

I haven't done a round-up of the site statistics in awhile:

From this graph it appears I'm averaging around 240 - 280 visits a month. Based on the number of return visitors it would seem people stumble on the site by accident via a search engine hit and never return :-)

People that do get referred by search engine (98% from Google and 2% from Yahoo) are usually looking for information on resetting a Cisco or fixing Domino database corruption. Keyword analyses also indicates that people come poking around looking at ideas for setting up a server room or creating a system run-book.

The stats come via the free Statcounter - which is highly recommended. Works painlessly and doesn't require much code on your page.

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