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Jan 30, 2007

New Header - Womens World Cup of Cycling Race Wellington 2006

Another new banner image of the Womens World Cup of Cycling courtesy of Wayne Fisk (aka Stickboy on Flickr). Wonderful motion blur.

Be sure to check out his other piccies on Flickr. Check out his 'toytown' Wellington images - they make the city center look like a model-train enthusiasts diorama.

On a related note - other friends have some great photos of recent trips on Flickr too - Runswithhandsinpockets and Fergy.

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Datacenter Research

Seems to be very little information on picking a data-center to host your infrastructure servers - plenty of information for collocation, website hosting etc but not a whole lot to help you pick someone to entrust with your core kit.

If you're interested in a DIY data-center these sites contain some useful information:

* Good guidelines (if a little dated) for Data-center requirements (cooling, power, security, connectivity and staffing/accessibility)

* Data-center Resource Site

* Sun's guide to Planning a Data-center

Some great remote management kit is available too - remote control your systems via Web-browser:

* Raritan 64 Port IP KVM - even allows you to dial in via modem in an emergency when your LAN link dies

* Raritan 20 Port Power Strip

* OpenGear 8 Port Serial Console Server - make out of band adjustments to your switches, Unix and SAN gear

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